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The reason for which our school is unique is the commitment of our facilitators in building connections with the parents and the community. All the facilitators are well qualified, resourceful, kind and respectful to children and moreover treat each child with love and great care. They are the wonderful role models for the students.

Technology is predominantly used by the facilitators for classroom instructions which include smart class and usage of the tabs. Our facilitators continuously look for the opportunities for their own personal growth and they support that in their colleagues.

They keep the lines of communications open for the parents through website, messages, telephone calls, emails - whatever works for the parents.

Amidst the constraints of facing with the perpetual task of dealing with children of diverse kinds often with attention deficiency, restlessness and even disruptive traits, our facilitators within the classroom are making it possible to create an ambience conducive to the ethos of learning. With great vision to nurture the future of the students, the facilitators here are maintaining the discipline up to its meaning along with the usage of ENGLISH as the campus language - in all the ways.

Vice-Principal, AIPS

Aishwarya International Public School represents an opportunity for every teacher to maximize their potential and to watch their students growing. The reason why I’ve chosen Aishwarya International Public School is the joys of seeing every child develop new skills and building their lives on knowledge and hard work. Our school is also a perfect place for students to understand that their voices do matter and are listened. It is indeed amazing to see inspired teachers who want to make a difference in teaching and to have a place in their students’ hearts.

Academic Co-ordinator (Class V to VII), AIPS

The EDUCARE – Education with Care system in our school makes us unique in all respects. Kindergarten facilitators are excellent in their arenas and homely environment is facilitated to every child. Co-curricular activities, a prominent facet of the age group of 3-5 years is given the utmost prominence.

We strongly believe in the concept of learning through playing.We follow Montessori method of teaching and also the IMAX curriculum which ensures effective and enjoyable learning. Lot of activities and competitions are held which is the gateway for exploring new avenues.

We also conduct the parent observation sessions in which the parents get the opportunity to observe their ward and experience the hands on learning happening in the classroom.

Kindergarten Co-ordinator, AIPS

Students at AIPS are filled with enthusiasm, liveliness, inquisitives and confidence. They are an epitome of good mannerism and are excited about their learning. They develop a holistic approach towards their life with the guidance of their mentors.

Academics is laid utmost prominence as it the motive with which each student is admitted to the school. Extra coaching classes for core subjects apart from the school timings are held regularly in the morning to ensure the students are guided in the right way to walk on the right path. External competitions are also laid emphasis and students are prepared accordingly and are exposed to the reality of life through safe hands. Field Visits to prominent places and Guest lecturing through eminent personalities encourage and inspire them.

Our school is motivating every individual to transform in to a humane individual and turn out to be responsible citizens of the country with high order of discipline and confidence.

Academic Co-ordinator (Class VIII to X), AIPS

I am very much pleased with the development of my child educationally and socially since attending AIPS. I feel that the School provides the children with a warm, secure, nurturing environment to be able to learn and develop. This is mainly due to the entire AIPS team who contribute such a lot to create this positive environment for children.

The School is good at recognizing different levels of ability of the child and nurturing that it helps the children to expose themselves in different fields. My child feels encourage to do his best as he has received special recognition for good work that he has done. This made him feel valued within the class.

The School has all the basic facilities in which my child can develop his all round personality in a healthy way. Each activity in the School is very educative. The School gives the opportunity to the parents to discuss child’s progress with the teachers in the “Parents Teachers Meeting”. Teachers politely discusses with the parents and also guides them about the child.

I am also very much pleased with the discipline among the children in the school. I am very much impressed with the diary in which we come to know each and every activity done in the school. The national and religious festivals are celebrated in a grand manner which makes the child to understand universal brotherhood.

- (Parents of Aishwin of Class 8)

"Success will follow success"

'What a different child we have at home?' Thank you for your hard work and patience with her. I am very happy with school. My child has enjoyed coming here every day of the year. She has done really well and the teachers have identified her potential and harnessed it. Her teachers are very enthusiastic and energetic. This school has made sure that my child is well prepared for the future and also kept her safe and healthy. I am exceptionally happy with everything the school provides for my daughter she has grown in an ability and confidence since she joined the school.

My child is very proud to be a member of this amazing school as the school-

  • gives importance to the individual personality development.
  • environment provokes towards studies.
  • is well disciplined.
  • has faithful administration and teaching faculty.
  • gives prominence to co-curricular activities.
  • has inbuilt good moral values, life leading skills and personality development programmes.

I wish you all your success.

Thank you.

- (Parents of Ranvitha .K (Head Girl) - Class X)


Keeping in mind our own education system we had come across during our childhood and comparing with current situation which our children have to come across, we were searching a institution which will understand and provide our needs. We are glad that at last we found i.e., AISWARYA. We thought that all is in school name itself i.e., AISHWARYA which means wealth.

In continuation, our views to the questions are as below.

  • We feel that your school has well structured building to accommodate students, well disciplined teaching staff and co-operative administration staff.
  • The only moment we have made right choice to our child is that your school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi and strictly following CBSE academic calendar.

Thanks to the Management and the Staff for their rendezvous.

-(Parents of Sohan Gowda .A.C of Class III)


I have a great honour and respect towards the Aishwarya International Public School because the school has very good educational environment and scope for spoken English. The very idea of having such a school in Maddur by Dr. Nandeesh.J shows his passion towards education and service-mindedness towards his own people. The school has a very dedicated & disciplined Principal Mrs. Vindya Bopanna. I am very thankful to the principal for her style of functioning to motivate students as well as the staff

Equal emphasis is also laid on cultural programmess other than curricular activities. My daughter was given a rare and beautiful platform to exhibit her talent in the field of Bharathanatyam. Really I felt very happy and satisfied that I have selected the best school for my daughter.

Compare to her previous schools I recall that my daughter has improved comprehensively and considerably in her studies & in spoken English. Yes, I am very happy and contended with the school and there is no doubt that I made a right choice to my daughter’s education. I hope and wish the same education, dedication and discipline showers upon the students who come to your school in the future.

-(Parents of Himabindu .B.C of Class X)


I feel good to have admitted my children in your school because you have very good infrastructure and good teaching faculty. The school is surrounded by good environment without much disturbance and also maintaining minimum strength in each class. The school takes care of each student and initiates their overall improvement. It is also maintaining well disciplined campus.

-(Parents of Hithaishi .S.S of Class III)


We are very happy to have such an acclaimed school in Maddur. It is our privilege to write about this institution.

First and foremost I would thank Dr. Nandeesh.J and family for such a serene idea of having a school of high standard in Maddur.

My heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Vindya Bopanna, the Principal of this school. She is an excellent lady who is running the institution effectively. She has given prominence to discipline as well as neatness with regards to children which is very important quality to be followed by each student.

The school has beautiful infrastructure which is very attractive. Our sincere appreciation to Dr. Nandeesh.J for his exemplary idea. The classrooms are well furnished and very comfortable for the children to read and write and consists of varied other features. There is a Computer laboratory, library and Science laboratories which make children more interested in the subjects. The school has given equal importance to co-curricular activities which makes children more happy to attend the school.

The expansion towards Pre-University education through AISHWARYA INNOVATIVE P.U COLLEGE which is aligned with DEEKSHA has eased the parents apprehension of searching for good college. Our sincere gratitude for all the facilities provided for the parents who would like to continue their wards collegiate education in Maddur.

A very big thanks to the Management, Principal, Teaching and Non-Teaching staff of AISHWARYA INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL for putting their best efforts in implementing the rules and regulations of the institution.

-(Parents of Avirath Pawar of Class V)


I would like to thank AIPS administration for giving this opportunity to pen down few words about your institution.

The very sight of your administration had given positive hopes to me, as that you would cater to the overall development of my child. The overall environment of the school is very heart touching and I hope your school would turn out to be a second trust home to my daughter which indeed has been fulfilled

I would like to say heartfelt thanks for the administration and the teaching faculty for what has been an excellent year academically socially and culturally; which has nurtured my daughter for improvement of her behavioural and cognitive skills.

The activities conducted by you has brought about a change in how my child as she sees the society, home and the world. This make over in my child has brought hopes that, I have made right choice for my daughter and that was exactly what she needed.

I appreciate the love, support, guidance, assistance given by the school for parents and children which has made a toughest part of the parents easier.

Being a school authority can be a challenging job, I pray god to give you much more strength and courage to do that you are destined to do.

As said by Albert Einstein

"Never teach your pupils, Only provide conditions in which they learn".

The school has truly provided the apt conditions for a healthy learning and brings out the potential in my child, I finally thank the school authorities for making learning a good experience for mu daughter which would be remembered for a life time.

-(Parents of Deethyashree .J Class UKG)