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-Knowing, Doing , Being

"There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a LIVING and the other how to LIVE."

We are delighted to have taken on the stupendous challenges of nurturing your children, motivating and guiding them to be energetic, passionate, focused, confident and well rounded personalities: hence by the time they step into adulthood they are more than equipped to face the real world and take on the reigns of Indian citizenship with a global outlook. For us, education is more than the curriculum, as we firmly believe in grooming our children with the right values, the right ethics and the right attitude thereby assuring that they are responsible, competent, honest, humane, enterprising, perceptive and emotionally dependable individuals of tomorrow.

Yes , we encourage our students to be academically sound and enthusiastic. However, at the same time we goad them to be involved in as many activities as they possibly can – be it sports, cultural or aesthetics – participation helps them to discover and unleash their talents, build team spirit and initiate leadership skills.

While our mission is to make the students aware of the richness of India’s diverse ethnicity, our tradition, we ensure that they also gear up to face the multifaceted needs of modern day society – a healthy blend between tradition and modernity is an integral part of the school curriculum. Parents have perennially partnered with us to fulfill our mission and we are proud of two prevailing modalities while on one hand the faculty dialogues with the parents during the Parent Teacher Meetings, on the other, our teachers never cease to extend their hands beyond the realms of the class room, bonding naturally with the students.

The faculty at Aishwarya International Public School engages with students as facilitators; guiding, encouraging and assuring them that we are with them and not ahead of them, that we are together, exploring, observing, analyzing and learning. Forging close teacher-student ties are immensely valued at Aishwarya International Public School.

Dr. J Nandeesh