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People say Knowledge itself is power. Knowledge is the awareness of a fact or a situation. It is a rich and a unique possession that cannot be stolen or plundered. Knowledge doesn't decrease when it is given. In fact, knowledge is power. Our knowledge is the amassed thought and experience of countless human beings. Those who have wide-range of knowledge and experience can capture power and influence. The possession of knowledge gives them a distinct advantage over the semi educated people. Half knowledge is regarded as 'the curse of god' and also it is worse than ignorance.

The growth and survival of mankind depends upon knowledge. From the Stone Age till date, man has struggled to know the unknown. He explored land, water and space by virtue of his knowledge. Man has made progress in all fields starting from science, technology to arts etc.

At the dawn of civilization, man was at the mercy of nature. He lived the life of a nomad. He invented tools and weapons for hunting. Verbal communication also developed. He discovered fire and the wheel. These were the initial steps taken by man by utilizing his brain.

Man, then started living in communities. He settled near rivers and took up agriculture. The settlements soon transformed into villages. Waterways and canals were constructed for irrigation purposes. Surplus grains were stored in granaries to be used later. Soon villages transformed into towns, then provinces and later cities and counties. He discovered new places and things and invented things for his own benefits. The gradual change and development from the Stone Age to the Present Age has been made possible by knowledge.

The successful discoveries and inventions encouraged man to contemplate on new ideas. His ability to rationalize, analyze and store the events in his memory enabled him to achieve success. Knowledge gave him the power, confidence and courage to make life worthy of living. He began to use the forces of nature for his own benefits. Thus, life become comfortable. He utilized his knowledge to improve his own life.

Man has been able to eradicate a number of diseases like polio, pox, plague etc from the face of the earth. The human body can be operated upon for removal of cancer or for an open heart surgery. The discovery of a number of antibiotics and drugs have reduced the sufferings of mankind. Agriculture has also been developed. The use of high yielding crop yield. The invention of the devices of communication has transformed the world into a global village. Computer has changed human life altogether. All these have been the fruits of man's quest for knowledge.

Knowledge gave man the feeling of strength and power. Knowledge develops human faculties. It leads to the excellence of the mind. It enables one to give sound judgment. Education and knowledge are desirable for democracy. We should try to spread the knowledge base in all fields in the masses. In Indian rural scene, the knowledge levels about family, school education, problems of woman. child rearing and other social issues are very poor. Illiteracy and social backwardness combine to put the rural masses at the receiving end. Lack of knowledge leads to poverty and absence of methods of productivity and economic prosperity. This vicious cycle continues. Restraint, tolerance, understanding and capacity to manage affairs come with knowledge. If knowledge is imparted to our rural children, youth, women and men, they would emerge as the major social power.

There is no end to the gaining of knowledge, It is only the foolish man who thinks he knows everything. Modern knowledge is very intricate and wide is scope. Thousands of researchers, all over the world are constantly at work to acquire more knowledge for us. But the immense increase in knowledge of the world sometimes doesn't make us better human beings. Sadly, with the passage of time, man started misusing knowledge. He started using knowledge to destroy the very forces that provided him sustenance.

He interfered with nature and disturbed the ecological balance. He has polluted air, land and water. He has, thus created unfavorable conditions for himself and others. Man has developed destructive weapons that can destroy completely the whole of mankind. The bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima proves the fact. Man is posing a threat to the existence of flora and fauna.

Knowledge shouldn't be misused. Nuclear power must be used for useful purpose. Man should find solutions to control and check pollution. The conventional sources of energy are depleting at a fast rate. He should try to find out sources of economical power generation.

Knowledge must be acquired and shared as a collective effort. Lack of knowledge leads to poverty and absence of economic prosperity. Knowledge should be utilized for the upliftment of the poor masses. It should be used for peace, prosperity and growth.